Your RV Model Number: How to Find It, What It Means

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RV Model Number

Do You Know your RV Model Number?

As adventure vehicle insurance experts, we collect this information from anyone who requests an insurance quote from us. About 20 percent of people we talk to do not know their RV model number or give us the wrong number. There’s another good-sized group of individuals who tell us they’d like to know what their model number means.

So, this blog post is for your information, or just to settle your curiosity. We’re going to tell you where to find your model number, what it should look like, and what it means.

Where to Find your RV Model Number

There are several locations where you should be able to find your RV model number.

  1. The invoice and dealer receipt. The invoice usually includes the make and model number of your RV.
  2. Your owner’s manual and operating instructions. Your RV model number should be printed on any of the new owner materials provided by the manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer’s website. Many have tools that will help you identify the model number of your vehicle. For example, you can use Forest River’s RV Finder to identify your floor plan and find the associated model number.
  4. Search your vehicle. Manufacturers will place the model somewhere on the body. Usually, it is near the driver’s seat. Often it is on a plate or tag on the driver’s door or near the pedals. Monaco Coach placed a tag on the wall behind the driver’s seat. On a Fleetwood, you will find the model number on the exterior driver sidewall near the entry door and the capacity chart inside the closet door.

What Does it Mean?

Now that you have tracked down the elusive RV model number, you may be wondering what it means. The majority of manufacturers set up the model number with the model name, followed by a code for the various options, followed by a code for the floor plan. The floor plan code usually includes three or four characters. And the first two numbers are usually the approximate vehicle length. This is the length of the living portion, not the overall length.

Each manufacturer has its own system for creating model numbers. Remember that two vehicles may have the same model number and look very different. This is because the model number usually applies to the floor plan. But two vehicles with the same layout may be customized very differently.

Model Number Codes

Finally, let’s look at some of the codes that are included in the model number and what they might mean. You may find that some of these codes are used differently by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

B — Bath, Bed, Bunk
C — Center
D — Double
E — Entertainment
F — Front
FE — Front Entertainment – a major cool layout for 5th wheels
FL — Front Living
K –Kitchen
 O — Outdoor
P — Pantry
Q — Queen, sometimes Quad
R — Rear
S — Slide
T — Triple
BH– bunkhouse
BR — bonus room
CK – Central Kitchen
DB – Double Bunk
DS – Dinette Slide
FB – Front Bath
FE — Front Entertainment
FK – Front Kitchen
FL – Front Lounge or Front Living
IK – Island Kitchen
K — Kitchen somewhere, many times this is used to show off the outdoor kitchen.
MB- Murphy Bed
OK — Outside Kitchen
QB – Queen Bed
QB — Queen Bed
RB – Rear Bath
RD — rear den
RE — Rear Entertainment (not much different from rear living)
RK – Rear Kitchen
RL – Rear Lounge or Rear Living
RS – Rear Slide
S, SL – Single Slide
SLX, XLT, Xlite – A lightweight offering of an existing floor plan or a lightweight RV
SS – Single Slide or Super Slide
TB – Twin or triple Bunks
WS – With Slide

So, what did we miss? We’d love to hear what codes your model number includes that we missed. Also, let us know where you found your model number so we can help out other RV Adventurers.

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