The RV Lifestyle Offers Adventure on a Budget

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RV Travel on a Budget

Your motorhome or travel trailer provides comfortable accommodations for any adventure you choose, from a family vacation to traveling full-time, and the good news is that your budget is in control. You have control over the type of vehicle you choose, your choice of insurance, the places you choose to stay and the activities you enjoy along the way. The RV lifestyle offers adventure on a budget!

Your Adventure Vehicle

Your choices start with your vehicle. There are luxury vehicles that you can buy brand-new, but there are also great values in used vehicles and less expensive rigs. To begin with, there’s a lot of information at the bookstore and on the internet about how to choose an RV. In addition, RV shows and your local dealer are also great places to do research on RVs that fit your budget.

If you plan to use your motorhome or travel trailer primarily for family vacations and weekend camping trips, you might opt for a smaller vehicle or one with fewer accessories. As you learn more about RVs, create a list of features that you must have, would like to have and don’t want or need. That list will help you narrow your choices when you’re ready to shop.

Don’t forget to factor fuel costs into your considerations. As you might know, a lightweight rig will use less fuel than a heavier one. Remember that the more time you spend on the road, the more fuel you’ll burn.

Your RV Insurance

Insurance is another area where a little bit of information can help you manage your RV budget. First, make sure that you are working with a reputable insurance agency. Check their ratings and reviews to make sure they are providing excellent customer service and are responsive to customer questions and need. Make sure your agency only represents A-rated insurance companies. Companies are rated on their financial strength and their ability to repay claims, among other things. 

Your next step is to learn about available coverages. A good agent will be happy to tell you about your options. Do you want the peace of mind provided by total loss replacement coverage? If your RV is a trailer, will the tow vehicle’s liability insurance cover you while you are on the road? Do you need protection for your valuables while you enjoy your RV adventures? Again, making a list can be helpful. Consider the coverage you must have, would like to have and don’t want or need. Then do a little shopping, or let your agent shop for you to find which insurance company will offer you the best rate for the coverages you want.


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More Ways to Control Your Adventure Budget

Now that you’re in your RV and you have it insured, here are a few more ways enjoy RV adventures on a budget:

DIY Maintenance

You may enjoy learning to maintain and repair your own RV. The manual will include a maintenance schedule. You can purchase a repair and maintenance manual that will include instructions for performing routine maintenance. Then, it should travel with you to help you diagnose problems.  Choose a manual that also includes instructions on how to make repairs yourself or how to get the help you need.

Campgrounds and Activities

Plan your RV adventures with your budget in mind. For example, cut fuel costs by choosing campgrounds and activities that are close together or close to home. Do a little research before you go, or when you arrive. You’re likely to discover free activities near your campground. Museums, parks, factory tours, and flea markets all offer low-cost fun.

Consider the possibility of visiting campgrounds off-season when rates are lower. If you stay for longer periods of time, you may be able to take advantage of weekly or monthly rates.

Pick your campgrounds to fit your budget. There is plenty of information available online about campground quality,  cleanliness, location, and facilities. Be aware that many campgrounds charge additional fees for optional hookups. Make sure you only take and pay for the hookups you need. And don’t forget to ask about available discounts.

Food Costs

Vacationing in an RV is already an advantage when it comes to food costs. You don’t have to eat every meal in a restaurant. Save even more by picking up the local paper and checking for grocery-store and restaurant coupons. 

You’re on Your Way to Budget Adventures!

Once you own your RV, the options for fun are unlimited. You can design your RV adventures on a budget to suit your tastes! Happy travels, and don’t forget to share your adventures with us on the American Adventure Insurance Facebook page.

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