RV Generators Take You Beyond the Park

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RV Generators Let You Leave the Park Behind

Your RV adventures can take you beyond RV parks. And thanks to today’s quiet, dependable generators, you don’t have to leave the comforts of home, or even the RV park, behind.

Much of the equipment in your RV, such as lights, fridge and electrical outlets, will run off your batteries. But if you’re not plugged into electricity, you will eventually drain your battery and will need another power source to charge them up. That’s where a generator comes in handy.

If you use solar panels to charge your batteries, a generator can also be a handy back-up. There may be times when there’s not enough sun to keep your battery charged.

You may want to adventure away from the RV park if you’re searching for spectacular vistas, deep quiet or breathtaking night skies. You may want to stay near a favorite hunting or fishing spot, or a favorite king or biking trail. But if you’re boondocking or if you stay at state or national parks where hookups are not available, you won’t have access to power. That’s when you’ll be glad you have a portable generator. It will allow you to run the air-conditioning and keep the lights on!

How to Pick a Generator

Motorhomes often have their own generators on board. If yours doesn’t, you have options. For a typical travel trailer or fifth wheel, you’ll pick a generator that meets your power needs. If you plan to run an air conditioner, you’ll need a more powerful generator than if you just want to charge your phones and laptops.

Portable generators make it possible to combine the pleasures of remote camping with the RV lifestyle. Because motorhomes and towables usually include toilet and cooking facilities, you can leave a smaller footprint on your surroundings. For example, You can make a hearty meal and your morning coffee without building a fire.

No matter how remote your campsite, noise is a consideration. You want to be a responsible member of the RV community, whether your neighbors are human or wild critters. Inverter generators will produce the power you need at an acceptable volume. Make sure you always check on site regulations regarding the use of generators.

Factors to consider when shopping for an RV generator include power (watts), fuel type (diesel, gasoline or propane) and noise level (decibels). You’ll need a high altitude kit if you plan to use your generator above 5,000 feet. The higher the altitude, the less efficient the generator will be. Depending on your needs and preferences, prices can range from about $500 to several thousands of dollars. Avoid settling for the minimum amount of power you think you need. Once you enjoy the benefits of traveling with a portable power source, you’ll want to connect more and more devices to it.

Now you’re ready to unhook and plan some adventures beyond the RV Park! And if you have questions about the proper insurance coverage for these types of adventures, our experts are ready to consult with you.

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