RV Gadget Essentials to Keep You Connected

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An RV Gadget List to Keep You Connected

Many RV adventurers say having access to technology and entertainment can make the RV life that much sweeter. Each RV gadget on the list we’ve compiled will help keep you connected. We checked in with RV bloggers and other experts for help with recommendations. We recommend you gift yourself or someone you love with one or more of these gadgets.

  1. Cell Booster RV Gadgets

We found cellular boosters at the top of many lists. Consider this RV gadget if you’re shopping for someone who loves to stay connected when camping.

The Camp Addict warns you can’t rely on campground wifi. But if you can get cell service, you’re good to go with a cell booster. It boosts cellular voice and data signals so you have fewer dropped calls and lost connections.

In areas where your cell signal is weak, the booster will get you faster data uploads and downloads.

  1. Hotpot RV Gadget

Speaking of WiFi, the Roadlink is a handy device to ensure you have WiFi access. It’s like a booster but more reliable because it has its own data plan. Like a hotspot, it also works while you’re in motion. Gear Junkie says the Roadlink is capable of grabbing a signal for you when your phone or booster might not. AT&T offers an affordable Roadlink data plan.

Other cell providers offer similar plans and devices. Check with your cellular provider to find out what they have available and the data plans available with them.

  1. Portable Satellite Dish

We all know someone who loves their satellite TV. Maybe it’s you. Well, you can take it with you on the road if you have a portable satellite antenna. These vary widely in price but start as low as few hundred dollars. The best part is, you’ll no longer have to plan your trips around sporting events you can’t see anywhere else. Unless you plan RV it to see your favorite teams play in real life!

  1. Roku

Streaming is another popular way to get entertainment. You can stream all kinds of entertainment on the road with a Roku stick. It plugs it into any screen to access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. You just need to have Wifi (see hotspots and cell boosters).

  1. Xbox

Xbox is another way to stream entertainment. It’s designed for people who love their games, but it also allows users to watch Netflix. And if there’s no WiFi, it can store a library of movies and music to enjoy. You may need to hide this from the kids if you want them to leave the RV, but it’s great to have on rainy days.

  1. Weather Station Gadgets

Most of don’t think we need a weather station. But after using one for a while, you’ll never want to be without it. Knowing the weather helps RV travelers plan their day. Plus, a weather station will give you a more complete and accurate report than you can get on a phone or other media. That’s both fun and useful. Wireless stations that offer colorful, detailed reports start at around $30. A weather station is an ideal gadget for the slightly nerdy traveler!

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