RV Camping with Kids

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RV camping with kids

RV Camping with kids is a fun and affordable way to create great family memories. To ensure a great time, you’ll need to do a little extra planning, but  you don’t have to do it alone. The kids can be part of the process.

Planning RV Camping with Kids

We all get hungry and tired. But when kids have empty bellies or feel worn out, they can make everyone else miserable. Make sure you have your trip carefully planned before you set out.

Break up long drives with stops to sightsee, or just chart out some parks along your journey where the kids can run around and stretch their legs.

Take the same approach when it comes to meals. When you’re on the road, know where you’re going to eat and when. You don’t want to be trying to maneuver your RV along unfamiliar roads searching for a family friendly restaurant.

Let the kids help with planning. Depending on their age they can help you research options or simply choose among options that you present.

RV Campsite Activities

If you have a small family, consider inviting a friend or two to join your RV camping with kids adventure. A small group of kids will entertain one another.

Make sure to prepare for rainy days. That means indoor activities like board games, puzzles and, if you have the right equipment, family movies.

Include some meals in your schedule that will be easy for the kids to prepare. Pancakes, kabobs, baked potatoes and mini pizzas are all items kids can help prepare. Don’t forget campfire treats like hotdogs and smores! A slow cooker can be handy if you want a hearty meal waiting for you after a long day outdoors.

Choose a campsite you know will be family-friendly. The best family-friendly campgrounds will have lots of appropriate activities nearby. Some even have great activities like square-dancing and river tubing on-site.

The Ideal RV for Camping with Kids

Don’t underestimate the value of space. Make sure that there is room for everyone to sit and sleep comfortably in your adventure vehicle.

The kitchen set up is important. An oven, microwave and good-sized refrigerator are essentials.

A single, small bathroom creates challenges. Talk with the kids before you go about keeping it clean. Encourage them to use public facilities when they’re clean and available.

Choose an RV with plenty of storage. Soft bags rather than hard suitcases will be easier to tuck into those storage spaces. Give each child a large trash bag. They’ll toss dirty clothes into this bag and put it back in their suitcase each day. This is a simple way to keep clean and dirty clothing separated so kids don’t have to rifle through their suitcases to find a fresh outfit. It also insures that dirty clothes won’t be left lying around. If you have time, you can even pack each day’s outfit into its own bag.

RV Camping with Kids Safety

Kids can be tempted to wander in new places. Instruct smaller children to stay within eyeshot. You may not have cell service when you’re camping, so give everyone a loud whistle. Three blows is the standard distress signal. Tell the kids than when they hear your whistle, they should respond with their own whistle and then head toward you.

Each kid should also have their own flashlight. These can be purchased very inexpensively at your local dollar store. They’ll also have a blast playing with them.

If a kid does get lost, teach them to stay where they are. Dress them in layers so they are prepared for sudden changes in the weather. Even in the summer, you may be staying where weather can change suddenly. Research the potential weather hazards before you go.

Why Take a Family RV Vacation

RV Camping provides the perfect combination of adventure and comfort. You’ll enjoy discovering new places together. RV camping with kids offers a break from the routine without totally destroying the routine that kids need.

With a little planning you can enjoy lots of exciting activities during the day and still settle down for a home-cooked meal in the evening. If you plan it right, the kids may even pass out before their regular bedtime!

RV Camping with Kids is also very affordable. Learn more about that in our recent blog: The RV Lifestyle Offers Adventure on a Budget

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