RV Camping or Tent Camping?

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RV Camping

RV camping or Tent Camping

It’s an ongoing debate: RV camping or tent camping, which is better? About 40 million Americans enjoy a camping holiday each year. Some choose to rough it. They find ways to create a comfortable bed in a tent or on the ground or go without the comforts of a kitchen, restroom or air conditioning. But many others find the whole camping experience is enhanced by a few of those little luxuries, a nice, firm mattress in particular! For those folks, RV camping is the ticket.

If sleeping in a tent is not for you, you could rent a cabin. However, cabins are often only slightly less primitive than a campsite. On the other hand, today’s motorhomes and travel trailers often include a stove, oven, refrigerator, shower, toilet, beds, and electrical power. Added luxuries might include a lounge area, air conditioner, bathtub, microwave, even a built-in television. An RV generator can supply extra power for even more comfort.

Baby boomers are showing particular interest in RV camping versus tent camping. As they reach retirement age in record numbers, they have the time and resources to enjoy many American Adventures. But they’ve earned a few creature comforts and they’re not willing to set them aside in order to see some beautiful sunsets or lush landscapes.

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Advantages of the RV Camping versus Tent Camping

If you take frequent camping trips, you might be debating whether you should purchase an RV. Or perhaps you’re trying to decide whether to rent an RV for your next trip. There are many advantages offered by the RV lifestyle. Think about being able to sleep in a soft bed each night, a bed you can take with you from location to location along the journey. You’ll save money by cooking your own meals and you won’t have to build a fire. Now, consider the comfort of a hot shower after a long day outdoors, even in a remote location. And that’s a private shower, not one in a drafty public shower that may or may not be entirely sanitary.

After you take in the starry skies, you can watch a movie. Or you can curl up with a good book without having to hold a flashlight to see what you’re reading.

It’s true that you will have more expenses when you enjoy RV camping compared with tent camping. You will pay for gas, and, if you stay in a park, you’ll pay site fees. (They probably won’t exceed $50 a night.) But your costs will still be less than they would be if you stayed in hotels. And you get a lot more comfort for a little more money.

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The Pros and Cons of Tent Camping

Maybe you prefer to get away from some of the distractions of daily life when you camp. Tent camping certainly makes that easier. But a tent can’t offer the same protection from weather and wild animals that you can get in an RV. For example, if you don’t store your food very securely, it could attract bears and other animals. That’s a problem you won’t have in your motorhome or travel trailer. And when you’re in a tent, wet or very cold weather can easily ruin your trip. In the battle of RV tenting or tent camping, RV camping will always win when it comes to cold, wet weather. Unless you’re an experienced camper and very well prepared, poor weather will make tent camping miserable.

Trying out RV Camping

If you’re thinking about buying an RV, get a taste of the RV lifestyle by renting a motorhome or travel trailer first. You can try out various features and accessories. In addition, you’ll get a sense of how much space you need to be really comfortable. When you’re ready to shop, you’ll be confident that you know just what you want.

The cost of renting an RV depends on the type of vehicle. You can rent from an agency, a dealer or from individuals near you or near the attraction you want to visit. It’s a good idea to read reviews. Confirm that previous renters were satisfied with the cleanliness and maintenance of the rental vehicles. If you’re new to RV camping, rent from someone who will happily answer all your questions.

The best part of trying out the RV lifestyle is that you’ll meet other RVers. Take advantage of the opportunity and ask questions. For example, find out what they like about their own rigs. When you’re ready to take a step up to the comforts of RV camping, you’ll have the information you need. You’ll be ready to purchase the RV that is just right for your tastes and budget.

And, of course, American Adventure is here to answer any questions you may have about protecting your investment with RV insurance.

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