Rainy Nights in Your RV: A Few Ideas for Entertainment

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Rainy Nights in Your RV: A Few Ideas for Entertainment

When you think about the evenings during an RV vacation, you likely picture the outdoors first. Maybe you imagine sitting with family or friends in collapsable chairs looking out at a beautiful sunset. Perhaps you imagine a crackling campfire and some s’mores. Or maybe it’s just a hearty meal around a campsite table after an afternoon of exploration.

Evenings around the RV can be immensely satisfying. Unless, that is, it starts to rain. Naturally this happens all the time, and experienced RV travelers tend to have some plans in store for just such an event. But if you’d like some inspiration to how to handle a rainy night that results in your being confined to your RV, read on for a few fun ideas ranging from cinema to a portable casino night.

Rig Up a Film Projector

Watching a film or show on a computer screen or small television in your RV can be perfectly enjoyable. But if you’re really looking to make an evening of it, in lieu of your campfire or cookout, it’s a good idea to rig up a film projector, break out some snacks, and have a full-fledged movie night.

This might have seemed an odd idea even a few years ago. But projectors that stream video content off of computers and mobile devices are actually enjoying something of a popularity boom. Per Yahoo! Finance in fact, the portable projector market is expected to reach about $1.9 billion in value by 2025! This means that there are a lot of excellent devices on the market, many of which are affordable and easy to use. You can also purchase a screen that can be stretched out or rigged up just about anywhere, such that unless your RV is particularly small you can probably work out the staging. Curtains drawn, lights out, and suddenly it’s like you’re in your own private theater.

Hit the Gaming Console

Our RV gadget list posted a little while back mentioned an Xbox as a good device to have on hand for streaming purposes. It still meets this purpose, but having any modern gaming console packed away for an actual gaming night is a good idea too. Gathering around for some multiplayer action is about as good a way as there is to pass the hours. You’ll have fun with your group, and before you know it, it will be time to sleep and — hopefully — wake up to a dry, sunny morning!

Stage a Casino Night

An RV poker or card gaming night is easy enough to throw together, and may be on your list even if you don’t encounter a rainy night. But if you’re really looking for ways to occupy your time and entertain yourself amidst a long rain or storm, you can make your casino night a little more dynamic by tapping into the online casino arena. Once viewed largely as an exclusive arena for poker competitors or those who were simply passionate about slots, the internet casino industry has actually morphed into a robust community of sites with games for everybody — including some that actually match the mood of outdoor adventure you may be in during your RV getaway.

If that sounds like a stretch, you might want to take a look at the games. The Foxy Games platform in particular hosts a number of slot and arcade titles that give you a feel for how much adventure there is in the category. Games like Buffalo Blitz (and Buffalo Blitz II), Hidden Valley, Bonus Bears, and even Legend Of Big Foot all embrace the outdoors, and provide a digital sense of adventure for you while you’re stuck inside. So, provided you’ve set your RV up with a hotspot for connectivity, you can set up a few slot reels and casino arcades on tablets or laptops, break out the cards and poker chips, and cycle through casino games without sacrificing the feeling that you’re out in the wild. In fact, playing through something like the well-animated Legend Of Big Foot slot reel may even enhance your sense of adventure!

Break Out a Board Game

If you’re interested in the gaming route, but prefer not to have a digital component (or you and your travel mates just aren’t as interested in casino games), a board game makes for an excellent option as well. The Philadelphia Enquirer’s report on board games’ comeback in 2018 pointed out that the so-called “digital age” has actually given people more desire to change things up and play games around a table now and then. And that was before COVID-19, which also led to sparks in board gaming interest.

That’s all to say that this is actually a pretty trendy option. Even if that weren’t the case though, setting up Monopoly, Risk, or any other game you may enjoy can be a cozy and entertaining way to enjoy a night in. Throw in some snacks, hot chocolate, or other beverages of choice and you’ll barely miss the outdoors for the evening!

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