The Benefits of Partnering With a RV Insurance Specialist

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RV insurance specialist

American Adventure Insurance Road Warrior Kim Gibson discusses why partnering with a RV Insurance Specialist can help claimants amidst COVID-19.

When the majority of U.S. states went into lockdown after the outbreak of COVID-19, it created an opportunity for families to spend more quality time together. Even with the inevitable challenges of schools and offices being closed, many parents have appreciated the extra time spent with their children and are already looking for ways to create new family adventures when restrictions are lifted. For families who are considering becoming first-time RV owners, partnering with an agency that specializes in recreational vehicles can help them rest easy knowing that they will be safe as they embark on their new adventures.

RV insurance specialists have a large variety of insurance coverage options geared specifically to the needs of recreational vehicle owners, compared to the policies offered by auto or general insurance carriers. General insurance carriers cover motorhome, travel trailer, fifth-wheel and toy haulers with basic auto insurance coverage. Unfortunately, these plans can leave RV owners exposed to financial risk if they ever have to file a claim.

If RV owners choose a basic auto insurance policy, they may be missing out on important coverage options and spending more money if a claim is filed. Extra coverage options usually result in a few extra dollars a month. Here are a few coverages worth mentioning.

Total Loss Replacement/Purchase Price

This coverage protects the policyholder from depreciation. If their RV is destroyed, this coverage pays for a new RV due to a total loss within the first five model years. After five model years, the stated amount listed on the policy declaration page will be protected for the life of the policy.

Vacation Liability

This homeowner-like coverage pays for bodily injury, first-aid, and property damage for others injured in the policy holder’s campsite or RV.

Diminishing Deductibles

For each year a policyholder remains claim-free, their deductible is reduced by 25%.. After four claim-free years, the deductible will be $0. It’s a reward for being a good driver!

Personal Effects Coverage

This coverage replaces valuables such as clothing, dishes, cameras, and other items used in connection with the RV (a small deductible applies).

Full-Timer’s Package, Roadside Assistance, Emergency Expense, and Pet Injury Coverage.

These coverage options (along with many others not mentioned) are specialized RV coverages that policyholder’s can’t benefit from under auto-only type coverage

Nationwide, there are only a limited number of “true” recreational vehicle specialists with industry experience. When it comes to specialized insurance partnerships, an additional benefit that most people don’t consider is that in the event that a claim must be filed, RV owners will rest assured knowing their agent can step in to help if anything goes awry in the process.

Owning a recreational vehicle can provide both safety and comfort for families looking to spend time together, whether it’s a cross-country trip or a weekend jaunt to a local favorite spot. The travel industry — including airlines, hotels, and cruises —has been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and families will be looking for alternative ways to travel in a safe environment. The forecast for the RV insurance industry looks very promising even in these uncertain times. In order to ensure that these adventures are as safe as possible, recreational vehicle ownership is the way to go.

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